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Consider a Truckerunion Issue at Your Next Truck Fair!

If you work in the trucking industry in the United States, you've probably heard about the Teamsters. Today many truck drivers, freight shipping personnel, towing-truck drivers, and others belong to this powerful union. If you plan on conducting a truck fair soon at a local truck stop & plaza to showcase big rigs, why not also include a special welcome message for your truckerunion brethren?

Who Doesn't Love a Truck?

Long separated from the infamous days of shadowy connections with Las Vegas mobsters and casinos (a black mark in the history of the organization which resulted in temporary federal intervention), the International Brotherhood of Teamsters has once again become a champion of labor interests. The union merged with the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers in 2003. The Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees voted to join their ranks in 2004. The Graphics Communication Union did likewise in 2005.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the Teamsters took the initiative to send desperately needed aid and vital transport into the flood stricken City of New Orleans. They joined former Vice President Al Gore and many churches in donating relief in the wake of a devastating natural disaster. The organization today encompasses hundreds of thousands of workers in trucking and freight fields. Extending a special invite to truckerunion partners as a gesture of goodwill helps expand the network of groups interested in attending a truck fair!

Some Great Truck Fair Locations

Trucking enthusiasts conduct truck fairs in a wide variety of locations across the USA. Many private businesses generate increased foot traffic by sponsoring this type of event: a truck-dealer, a truck renting & leasing enterprise, a truck stop & plaza, a truck-service center, a niche truck-repairing specialist focused on truck bodies & equipment, a trucking-motor oil supplier, and even a truck-transporting company might find this type of targeted promotion exceedingly effective. Meet other trucking enthusiasts and display some fine examples of truck technology to inspire brand aficionados!

A truck fair held in conjunction with a tradeshow provides an especially great venue for highlighting innovations of interest to truckerunion folk and other truck and freight hauling industry businesses. Many local enterprises catering to these market sectors will also appreciate the opportunity to participate and discuss their goods and services. Sponsoring organizations sometimes enjoy excellent revenue streams during these types of special interest meetups.

Add a Job Fair to Your Event, Too!

One way to ensure a higher attendance level at a truck fair and tradeshow involves the special addition of a trucking job fair. It will enable your event to lure understaffed companies to participate (especially if your truckerunion members find a receptive welcome within the hiring organizations). Some companies still don't encourage their employees to join labor organizations due to a fear of strikes, but these entities have become a distinct exception in the modern global marketplace, of course, as the spread of internationally focused unions demonstrates.

What types of positions will companies advertise at one of these premium trucking and freight industry job fair events? At the present time, consider inviting companies to accept resumes or conduct job interviews at your truck fair and tradeshow if they hire in any of the following in-demand areas:

  • Truck Bodies & Equipment Repair Services;
  • Truck Renting & Leasing Services;
  • Truck Stop & Plaza Services;
  • Truck-Dealer Sales and Services;
  • Truck-Repairing (all brands);
  • Truck-Service;
  • Towing-truck Operators;
  • Trucking Motor Engineering Services;
  • Truck Driving;
  • Truck-Transporting Services;

How to Supercharge Your Event

Some experts predict as many as 38% of paid positions will disappear due to robotics during the next 12 years alone. Many of these job losses will likely occur first in the trucking industry, where driverless freight hauling vehicles have already excited investor interest. The allure of greater efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced automation currently inspires non-truckerunion industry leaders.

Make sure you welcome this branch of the trucking and freight hauling field to your event also. No one can turn back the tidal wave of disruptive innovation about to transform the trucking-motor industry and numerous other service fields! To elicit the interest of this transformative market sector, invite some educational institutions outside the trucking industry to participate in your job fair: universities, colleges and vocational education schools. What types of people attending your event will find their message interesting? Possibly employees in these endangered fields:

  • Truck Bodies & Equipment Repair Services;
  • Truck Renting & Leasing Services;
  • Truck Stop & Plaza Services;
  • Truck-Dealer Sales and Services;
  • Truck-Repairing (non-automated brands)
  • Truck-Service;
  • Truck Driving;
  • Truck-Transporting Services;
  • Truck Driving School Owners and Instructors;

Display Some Big Rigs

One important point deserves particular attention. No truckerunion celebration at a truck fair should omit a prominent display of shiny big rigs! Trucking-motor experts and amateurs alike enjoy marveling at massive truck bodies & equipment displays when they stroll through these festive events. Including different examples of popular trucks and heavy equipment, such as long haul freight carriers and towing-truck vehicles will lend excitement and interest to the proceedings.

Showcase the largest trucks you can locate to help attract media attention to your event. Press coverage will encourage greater attendance. Try and include some of these eye-catching exhibits whether your hold your event at a convention center, a truck stop & plaza, a truck-dealer business, a truck-repairing facility, a truck renting & leasing lot, a truck-service station, a truck-transporting company, a trade show hall, or an auction company warehouse. Virtually everyone enjoys public displays of trendy big trucks!

Consider Including a Truckerunion Booth

In addition to extending a warm welcome to members of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and other unions, your event might even consider including a booth for volunteers from participating organizations to make presentations about their view of the industry today. Members of teachers unions and Teamsters share much in common in the modern era. The representatives from the educational programs and the freight hauling companies recruiting at your event will likely find these discussions illuminating indeed.

An inclusive truckerunion booth sharing brotherhood among union members could provide the perfect venue for exchanging ideas and perspectives on current events within an exciting and rapidly changing industry. Employment (and unemployment) issues will likely become a common theme in many economic sectors in the near future unless society develops some really creative solutions for the issue of human job losses caused by automation before this phenomenon spreads widely through the truckerunion sector of the economy. How will towing-truck companies, truck stop & plaza owners, and truck-dealer business ventures respond to these changes? Will truck-transporting firms remain in business when driverless trucks become the norm? Where will the truck renting & leasing sector find itself at the end of the next decade?

Use Your Next Truck Fair to Address Meaningful Issues

Members of the public enjoy entertainment, yet all of us benefit from substantive discussions, as well. Truck fairs and truckerunion celebrations easily degenerate into simple vehicles for fun and amusement. Visitors enjoy touring shiny big rigs on display at truck-service centers and marveling at the impressive trucking-motor technology evident in new automated models. You'll likely want to make sure everyone enjoys your truck fair, of course.

Yet make sure your next event addresses some complex bread and butter issues of concern to the wellbeing of the entire industry! While you certainly don't want to omit including the truck bodies & equipment which so captivate the modern media, you'll also want to initiate a public discussion of the role of the industry (including truckerunion members) in an era of high-tech trucking-motor machinery. While some towing-truck and truck-repairing companies may remain unaffected (perhaps), the significant changes occurring today within the truck freight hauling segment of the industry will place truck drivers on the front lines of massive change.

Driverless trucks will become common very soon. That's a fact. And these robotic vehicles almost certainly represent only the beginning of a significant expansion in artificially intelligent machines. Potentially every single human being alive today needs to consider an important question: "How will you respond when a robot performs your job better than you?"